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Article: Creating an Organic Nursery

Creating an Organic Nursery

Creating an Organic Nursery

Noble Organic Nursery


Noble Organic NurseryWhether you are planning a full blown nursery for your babe or a cozy little nook in your master bedroom, the urge to nest and create a safe place for baby is 100% natural for a mama-to-be. It's also natural to want to opt for eco-friendly products for where your baby sleeps. Babies spend their most fragile developmental years sleeping, absorbing the chemical off-gassing produced by any synthetic materials found in this sacred space. Fortunately, we have a ton of eco-friendly alternatives to these toxic products and rather than give you bajillions of products to consider, we compiled a list of the products we feel are essential to creating an eco-friendly space for your baby. 

01. A Sustainable Crib

We love the Sparrow Crib by Oeuf, sustainably made from birch wood and non-toxic, water-based finishes and free of VOC health hazards. BONUS: It converts to a toddler bed with the Oeuf conversion kit.  

02. Organic Bedding

The Organic Pima Cotton Crib Sheets & Changing Pad Cover by Oeuf are a must. They are not only as soft as butter, but they are made with GOTS certified organic Pima cotton. Pima cotton is breathable, hypoallergenic, and has natural antibacterial properties. 

03. Organic Mattress

Our babies sleep on a mattress for 10-14 hours or more a day, during their most fragile developmental years. With each sleep they are lying directly on the mattress, breathing in and absorbing the chemical off-gassing produced by the majority of mattresses. Switching to an organic or natural mattress is an easy way to reduce chemical exposure. Read more about why you should opt for an organic mattress here > 

4. New Zealand Baby Lambskin Rug

Research shows babies are more relaxed, cry less, and sleep more easily when in the comfort of a lambskin rug(so sign us up!). Because wool is naturally temperature regulating, lambskins keep babies warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. We love the New Zealand Baby Lambskin Rug by Nui Organic because no toxic or harmful chemicals are used when processing the skins from free range New Zealand sheep. BONUS: Not only can you use this in your baby's crib, but you can also use it on your floor for tummy time.

5&6. Dresser That Doubles As a Changing Table

We love this 3 Drawer Dresser paired with this Changing Pad Tray & Mattress by Oeuf. With this genius Dresser & Changing Pad Tray you are able to have storage for all of your baby's stuff(and boy will they have stuff!) and a safe place to change your baby. It also happens to pair perfectly with the Sparrow Crib. 

7. Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

We love this organic muslin swaddle blanket by Goat Milk in charcoal for it's soft yet firm hold. This blankie will likely become a security blanket for your baby. Opting for an organic blanket for them to grow attached to is ideal. 

8. Air-Cleaning Plant 

Synthetic materials found in our homes and your baby's nursery let off chemical off-gassing that are known irritants, potential carcinogens, and can cause people living in a closed-off space with these compounds to become ill. The solution? Purchase an air-filtering plant that in addition to absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the air, also eliminate VOCs found in your babies nursery. 

We love the rubber tree here because it purifies indoor air by removing chemicals like formaldehyde and other toxins. You can find a full list of air-purifying plants here > 

9. Natural Woven Storage Baskets

To keep your baby's space clean and tidy, opt for a few natural woven storage baskets (you can never have too many). Even in your most zombie-like state, you will still have enough energy to toss some toys and blankets from the floor into these baskets and voila, your space is clean and free of clutter. 

10. Organic Lovey

Even babies need a BFF and a lovey or stuffed animal can function as your baby's bestie and as a transitional object. Meeting the need for love and attention when you may not be there because mama's gotta sleep too. We love these organic dolls by Hazel Village because they are handmade with GOTS certified organic cotton, stuffed with hypoallergenic fill, not too small and not too big for baby, and they each come with a little name and story you can read to your little. 

Need more ideas? Check out our curated Nursery Pinterest Board for more inspiration on how to create a stylish eco-friendly nursery for your babe.

Lastly, if you're looking to incorporate some Montessori-inspired design to your babe's space. Check out our interview with Erin Hagstrom of  

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