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Article: Five Simple Self-Care Tips

Five Simple Self-Care Tips

Five Simple Self-Care Tips


If there’s one thing to grab onto for dear life amongst all the myths, fads, and frills of the wellness world, it’s this: self-care is the cornerstone to ultimate happiness. We’re not exaggerating!

Love only multiplies; time, however, does not. So, we suggest if you have 10 minutes, a half-hour, or even 1 minute (yes, ONE minute), you CAN squeeze in some important self-care throughout the day to reap the ultimate benefits: glowing skin, balanced weight, positive outlook and all in between.  

Bath time

If you have…30 minutes:

Bath time! Not just for the little ones, or once-in-a-blue-moon resort getaways, baths are incredible tools for healing. We love to use Revived Living bath teas and sachets to set the mood. Escape from the world and harness your own power to heal your adrenals, increase dopamine + serotonin, repair sore muscles, and transcend to ultimate relaxation. 

If you have…15 minutes:

Make masking a priority—and a fun pastime. We love slathering on Wildcare’s Bee Rosy Mask, and witnessing a major skin transformation, thanks to bee pollen (reduce acne and diminish wrinkles!), rose kaolin clay (even complexion!) and yarrow root (anti-inflammatory!) This is a must-have in our beauty cabinet.

If you have…10 minutes:

To clear your mind, get inspired and focused, and set your intention for the day, we’ll let you in on our tried-and true secret: eucalyptus essential oil. Boost your immune system and wake up your senses by placing 3 drops in your palms, rubbing them together and taking deep belly breaths during a hot shower.  

If you have…5 minutes:

It’s time you put your lymphatic system in the spotlight. It’s the first line of defense against environmental toxins, and by providing the proper TLC (via dry brushing—like one here!), you will be gifted with reduced cellulite, radiant skin, muscle tone, and improved circulation.

If you have…1 minute:

If you’ve got one minute, we say you love up on your gut with the detoxifying power of Apple Cider Vinegar. The list for why we adore ACV is long but here’s the short of it: it balances the PH of your digestive system, regulates blood sugar, and can clear up your skin. Throw in a tablespoon with your morning hot water + lemon for an easy, AM game-changer.

It’s in these rituals of nurturing our bodies and spirits that we are then able to provide the same kind of sustenance and patience to others. For more delicious products to honor your self-care, visit the clean beauty site, SHOP GOOD.

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