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Article: DIY Baby Costume Ideas

DIY Baby Costume Ideas

DIY Baby Costume Ideas

We love playing dress up with our babes, so naturally Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And we are huge fans of the easy peasy DIY costume. Sure, you could spend loads of money on something store bought or on fabric to sew up an epic Harry Potter costume. But why not use your babe's current wardrobe as a jumping off point and hand-make something to complete the look? To inspire you, we put together some DIY costume ideas using our wardrobe as the inspiration. 

Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume: Romper, $38, pair with cardboard dinosaur head, $19.99, Amazon.


Birdie Costume: Romper, $38, pair with handmade bird mask by Lucille Michieli


Fairy Costume: Dress and baby booties, pair with DIY cardboard fairy wings by Mer Mag.


Kitten Costume: Jumper, $56, pair with DIY mask by Lucille Michieli 



Zebra Costume: Jumper, $72, pair with handmade zebra mask, $35, Etsy 


Gorilla Costume: Gorilla gym piece and baggy pants, pair with handmade gorilla mask, $12.50, Etsy.


Cat Costume: Cat gym piece and baby booties, pair with handmade cat mask, $15, Etsy.   


Black Cat Costume: Black Cat Sweatshirt and baggy pantspair with black cat mask, $28.85, Costume Kingdom.  


Astronaut Costume: Jumpsuit, $38, pair with DIY paperback space helmet by Windy & Friends


fox costume

Mr. Fox Costume: Jumper, $38, pair with handmade fox mask, $15, Etsy.


Unicorn Costume: Dress, $38, pair with cardboard unicorn head, $19.95, Amazon. 

Love these looks, but not in love with them? Gawk our Pinterest page for more inspiring DIY costume ideas. 

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