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Article: Behind The Label: Jess Brown

Behind The Label: Jess Brown

Behind The Label: Jess Brown

Jess Brown

She made her first rag doll for her daughter from tea soaked cotton muslin + vintage fabrics. Today, she shares these same heirloom quality dolls with you and your little doll.



Jess Brown began making her handmade rag dolls by accident when her husband washed (and shrunk) a bag of her cashmere sweaters destined for the dry cleaners. To give a new life to the sweaters she hand-stitched the sweaters into heirloom dolls for her baby girl, Stella. What began as an accident 15 years ago, caught the eye of Martha Stewart and eventually Bottega Veneta, who collaborated with Jess to make exclusive dolls for fashion week. 

Today, each doll is still cut to order in her Northern California studio.

organic materials


Jess is also committed to creating the dolls as environmentally conscious as possible. The bodice of each doll is made of organic cotton muslin or linen. Then the doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber.

A committed flea market goer, Brown crafts clothing, and accessories for each of her dolls using bits of antique textiles and clothing remnants she uncovers. For collaborations with fashion clients, she turns remnants left over from the current season’s clothing into custom outfits. Like her original doll, these dolls are made to leave no scrap to waste.



Each doll is hand-dyed in her studio in Petaluma, California using Persian black teas to create the variation in skin color.

“Everything I design is made to be used and loved, to fall apart and be re-sewn."

It is incredible to see a brand dedicated to making things for her family and ours to love with her own two hands. Not only are these dolls meant to be loved by your little, but they also double as gorgeous decor. We hope you find a Jess Brown doll to love forever.

Shop Jess Brown's collection HERE > 

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