Behind the Label: KKIBO

Jo Abellera

After having her first baby, Jo Abellera’s of KKIBO went from designing for big fashion companies in NYC & LA for 10 plus years to summon the courage to launch her own fashion brand of chunky handknit sweaters. Made largely in Los Angeles and her studio in the San Bernardino Mountains.


Today her line has evolved to include hand and machine knits, ready-to-wear wovens, macrame bags, homewares, collaborations with other artists and artisans, and teaching.


“I think the core mission of KKIBO is to make thoughtful, unique and beautiful things that reflect the natural world,” the designer explains, “using traditional techniques – knitting, crochet, weaving, and macramé – in a new way.” Jo also chooses to use natural fibers (cotton, wool, alpaca, jute and hemp). 


Aside from being in awe of any mama who can find the time and space to make their personal dreams come true while raising a baby, I’m also inspired by designer, Jo Abellera’s dedication to handmade and sustainable fashion. Although Jo comes from the world of big fashion and knows how to manufacture in mass quantities, she chooses not to. Jo speaks about how she truly feels alive when she works with her hands. “I feel like something is missing in my day if I don’t work with my hands. It’s absolutely necessary to my sense of well being.”


We are so honored to be able to collaborate with Jo on the softest fringe cardigan and sweater for your babes this winter.

You can check out the collaboration here >

You can learn more about the designer, Jo Abellera here:

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