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Wovenplay Behind The Label After having her son, Katherine Edmonds of Wovenplay went from designing women's couture to designing children's clothing with the same attention to detail and heirloom quality. We caught up with Brooklyn-based Katherine Edmonds to learn more about her inspiration for Wovenplay and what she is excited about in this spring line.

1. Tell us a little bit more about you? 

I live in Brooklyn with my adorable son, William. We love taking road trips to the beach, observatories, and camping in the mountains. I love music--have a record player and many old records.  I love mixing colors and making things by hand.  

2. What did you do before Wovenplay? 

I was an Art History major and worked at the Andy Warhol Foundation. I've always been passionate about the quality of beautiful natural materials and hand-made things.  I love knits and especially like the process of dyeing and printing cotton and silk to create original fabrics.  I studied traditional French dressmaking, went to several Italian fabric mills to buy vintage old stock shirting fabrics and started making a collection of clothing and shoes.  

How did Wovenplay become a reality?

I first made women's clothing and later became fascinated with the wide scope of expressive creative possibility in children's wear. I wanted to make simple playful colorful and original pieces with old-world techniques and traditional handwork.

2. Has it been difficult for you to juggle being a mom and running Wovenplay?  Any advice?

It's always challenging to find enough time in each day. I do make an effort to forget about the work in the evenings and enjoy more fun and imaginative times with my son or with friends. 

3. Why did you decide to set up shop in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is old and beautiful and feels more human scale to me than Manhattan. I love the creative energy here and all the artists and cool small businesses.  

4. How would you describe the Wovenplay brand and the current collection?

I think Wovenplay is like classic European on technicolor. The current collection has our Lola, Jada and Marcel swimsuits and sunsuits in new fun colors, matching Jess Brown/Wovenplay dolls and many playful, travel-inspired printed tees, tank tops and sweatshirts.  

5. What does sustainable fashion mean to you? How do you practice that with Wovenplay?

We use mostly organic cotton and work with local or fair-trade manufacturers and use mostly low-impact or natural dyes and water-based prints. 

Shop the spring line and our exclusive matching Jess Brown Dolls here > 

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