DIY: Dye our Canvas Utility Suit w/ @aaricanichole

The beauty of our Canvas Utility Suit is that it's in fact the perfect blank canvas to style and make completely your own.

We teamed with Dallas-based creator @aaricanichole to show how easy it is to customize our suit to your liking with this easy afternoon project featuring RIT dye— available at your local craft store.

Our Oat Milk Utility Suit is the perfect base layer for a dye project like this, much like a piece of art, our suit is a blank slate ready to be transformed. We love this option you're longing for a color we haven't released yet, if you have lingering stains on your suit or just want a fun weekend project— the upcycling options are endless!
We love RIT dye because it's a non-toxic dye— all you need is a free afternoon, washing machine, a plastic container or stainless steel sink to get started! It's a fun and engaging way to breathe new life into your garments.
Once the suit is properly processed and dried, you can really see the new color come to life, a completely one-of-a-kind Noble suit. Aarica styles her "brand new" Utility Suit paired with her vintage chore jacket and cowboy boots, completing a fully sustainable look from head to toe.


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