How to Dress for the Snow

(Featuring NOBLE waffle one-piece in Oat Milk, Patagonia Snow Bib, Retro-X Duotone Vest, Hi-Loft Down Sweater Hoody, and James Street Beanie in Fern.)

Introducing NEW Patagonia sustainable snow gear to the shop and all of the organic layers you need to get your babe well prepared for the snow. No need to go out and purchase all new things for your next snowcation. Check out our suggestions below for layers that you can wear on and off the slopes.


(Featuring NOBLE waffle one-piece in Oat MilkPatagonia Snow BibRetro-X Fleece Jacket, Glerups in Charcoal and James Street Beanie in Apricot.)


(Featuring NOBLE waffle one-piece in Oat MilkPatagonia Snow Bunting Outfit.)


(Featuring NOBLE waffle set in Oat MilkPatagonia Retro-X Duo-tone Vest, and New Kids in the Hood Multi-Color Hat)

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