Meet the Artist: Jenny Pennywood

 This limited time collection features our Utility Suit, Utility Dress and silk guaze Bandanas in a print designed by the San Francisco based artist Jenny Pennywood.


Can you tell us a bit about your process and how your prints come to life? All patterns start with ink and brush. I draw shapes and lines and then compose them into patterns and repeat on the computer. 

The colorways I create are meant to mingle with one another because, just like in nature, I believe there is a blissful alliance between all colors. They are alluring on their own, but when you bring them together, magical stuff happens. Color creates an unexpected come-togetherness of all the elements at play with my textiles, including the deliciously textured linen/cotton, to create a lived-in feel and look that gets better and better with age—whether displayed as art or put to work daily.
From textiles to totes– each design fits so well no matter what they're printed on! Do you have a favorite medium you love to see your own work on? Paint on canvas or paper - first and foremost, I love to see my work there. 

You have a working studio based in San Francisco, how do you like to stay inspired as you create in your space? Honestly, my thing is more quietening my inspiration and itch to work. I am always inspired to paint, make, create, whatever it is, I always have the urge and the ideas. Bonus! Jen just launched brand new wearables on her site that you won't want to miss that pair well with our new exclusive print!

*Noble x Jenny Pennywood is open for pre-order for a limited time, shipping the week of November 6th.

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