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Article: Newborn Baby Necessities

Newborn Baby Necessities

Newborn Baby Necessities

Newborn Baby Necessities

There are a ton of things people say you NEED for your babe, but what should you really put on your baby registry? What will you actually use? We did a roundup of our favorite organic baby essentials that you will actually want to be gifted and here is why...

1. Hats & Bonnets

Not only are bonnets super chic right now, but any hat or bonnet will help limit excess body heat loss and keep baby warm and cozy in the winter and cool and shaded in the summer.

Bear Bonnet

2. Scratch Mittens

This is a biggie. Believe it or not, babies nails grow super fast and are uber sharp. You wouldn't want your baby to claw their face or yours, so stock up on some scratch mittens to avoid any cat-like tendencies.

Oeuf Scratch Mittens

3. One-pieces 

Your baby will live in one-pieces and jumpers, we are talking 24/7. There are a ton of super cute and complex newborn clothing out there, trust us, you will just want loads of one-pieces with easy access to snaps for those 3AM diaper changes.



4. Rattles that double as teethers

Toys that double as décor? Yes, please. Not only are rattles one of the first toys your baby can play with, but they produce a soft, soothing sound that amuses your baby and helps aid in development. As if the soothing sounds weren’t enough, by teething time they will serve as the perfect toy to gnaw on.

Fox Rattle teether

5. Bibs that double as burp cloths and triple as washcloths

Sounds like a magic trick, but these numpfer bibs/washcloths are the real deal. It's easier to change a bib than a onesie, however you never know if you are going to have a drooler or a prim and proper newborn. For this reason, we would not go out and buy a bunch of bibs until you know where your newborn stands with the whole drooling thing. Opt for putting a bib that doubles as a burp cloth and triples as a washcloth on your registry. This way your baby can be exactly who they want to be and you will be a-OK.

Numpfer Bib


6. Swaddles

You are going to want a ton of cute swaddles. Swaddling your baby correctly will help prevent SIDS and can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep. Bonus points: when your baby grows out of swaddling the swaddle can become a blanket or stroller cover. Those other fancy velcro swaddles cannot.

Goat Milk Swaddle

7. Lovey / Stuffed Animal

Even babies need a BFF and a lovey or stuffed animal can function as your baby's bestie and as a transitional object. Meeting the need for love and attention when you may not be there, because mama's gotta sleep too. It’s that blanket that gets so dirty you have to beg to wash it, or the little stuffed animal that your baby can’t go to sleep without. Basically, a transitional object is nothing more than extra security for your growing baby.

Oliver the Mouse

8. Baby Booties

Finding socks to fit newborn feet feels darn near impossible. Avoid multiplying your mismatched socks issue and opt for baby booties instead. Booties that tie at the ankle are often your best bet for keeping little toes warm and covered.

Raw Edged Baby Booties

Now that we have told you what we think you need, we would love to hear from you. If you have already been through the newborn thing, what did you actually get a ton of use out of? What would you have actually put on your registry or not put on your registry? For those of you who are preggers for the first time, what questions do you have for us? Let us know in the comments below.



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