Noble Artist Feature: Saint Street Cakes

Meet NYC based baker & cake connoisseur— Morgan Knight of @saintstreetcakes. Known for her brightly colored desserts and Tiktok series 'Cakes x Outfits', we chat with Morgan on how her passion for sweet treats has slowly become a growing business.
Morgan in her kitchen wearing our Ash Utility Suit.

Baking and decorating cakes is truly an art form! Tell us how you started on this business endeavor: For as long as I can remember, I have loved putting time and effort into creating and sharing food. I started baking as a really young kid, took one cake-decorating class, and became obsessed. Before the age of 10, I knew I wanted to open a bakery, but had always considered it a bit of a pipe dream. For years, I made cakes for family and friends' birthdays' and celebrations, but the bakery dream fell by the wayside as I became passionate about politics and law. I was in college during the pandemic and made a birthday cake for my friend Juliet; it was peak COVID, so only four people were present to enjoy it and celebrate, but a bunch of friends saw it on Instagram. People started reaching out to buy cakes, I started sharing my cakes on TikTok, and now Saint Street is 2.5 years old! 

Do you have a signature favorite kind of cake or other dessert you love to bake that never gets old? Despite cake being my main endeavor, I love working with fresh and seasonal fruit when it comes to baking for myself. I love experimenting with pies and crumbles. One of my favorite things to do is grab an assortment of herbs and fruits that catch my eye at a farmers market, make a crumble off the fly, top it with vanilla ice cream, and share with friends. (I think my favorite part of baking altogether is the “sharing with friends” part). 

How has living in NYC so far shaped you and your work? I founded Saint Street Cakes in Boston and relocated to NYC a little bit over a year ago, which has been a huge change! I have been able to get more exposure to more diverse ingredients, befriend fellow bakers, and reach an even larger customer base; I feel like Saint Street has grown here in ways larger than I thought possible when I started selling cakes. I have also found a lovely community in New York– the friends I have met here have been such a heartwarming addition to the support system that drives me (and by extension, Saint Street). Morgan wearing our Paprika Waffle Tank & Oat Milk Chore Shorts.

What is your hope for the future for Saint Street Cakes? Currently, I am working a full-time job in the legal field while operating Saint Street Cakes by myself– it’s a handful! I feel so fulfilled in returning to the childhood dream of opening a bakery, and hope to be able to weave in all that I have learned and become passionate about along the way, like politics and grassroots causes. (Each month, I donate proceeds from cakes and online collaborations to different nonprofits fighting for a better world; some past donations include Black Health Matters, Sister Song, Send Chinatown Love, Lambda Legal, etc.). 

One day, I hope to open a brick and mortar location that functions as a community space, while continuing giving back. While focusing on custom pre-ordered cakes, I also hope to sell cupcakes, cake-by-the-slice, coffee, etc. My dream Saint Street location includes lots of sunlight, some bistro tables, a little library, a stage in the corner for open mic nights or poetry readings, and a counter of beautiful cakes ready to be served! I want it to feel like a place people can gather. 

What have you been reading or listening to lately that has you feeling inspired? I am always listening to music in the kitchen – I constantly add to my Saint Street Kitchen playlist. It's a mix of classic rock, jazz, blues, soul, and some more modern indie stuff– all curated for dancing in the kitchen. Check it out!

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