Meet San Francisco based artist, Erin Fong & her latest installation 'The Sensation of Color' at the Bedford Gallery which explores colors and how they affect our emotional responses. Today on the blog, we chat with Erin about her recent gallery show and where she draws her inspiration. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft as a letterpress printer: I took my first letterpress class pretty late into my college life and was instantly hooked. The medium is so tactile and hands-on. I mix all the ink by hand and feed each sheet of paper through a press from the 1960s (one of the last models made before letterpress became obsolete) and it results in an impression that you can both see and feel. It’s such a special process that was once utilitarian and has now returned as an elevated art form.

You have an exhibit called 'the Sensation of Color' at the Bedford Gallery that just opened this month! What was the process like bringing your vision to life? I have never been so proud of something in my life. The Sensation of Color is a years worth of work from conception to creation and fills the 3500 square foot gallery beautifully. It features the largest iteration of The Friendship Project, an ongoing letterpress series of collected advice on friendship, that is displayed in a chromatic array spanning 48 feet. There are even some cute phones that recite pieces of advice when you pick up. However, anyone can call my Friendship Phone Line at anytime to experience this. 951-FRNDSHP. I’m also debuting a series of paintings, Chroma Clusters and Fuzzy Feelings, that capture a moment in time by translating feelings to colors. There are also two large scale site specific installations that are really fun. Color Corridor is a 75’ maze that encourages viewers to notice their internal shifts and moods as they travel through the color spectrum. Whereas Color Communion is a light and sound sensory experience (shoutout  to my friend Chaz Bear of Toro y Moi for the soundscape!) that further allows viewers to be immersed in color. If you’re in the Bay Area go experience it! It’s on view until April 2, 2023. Bedford Gallery ~ 1601 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA.Erin wearing our Dusty Rose Utility Suit in a size small.

How has your personal style (and love for wearing color) adapted over the years? What colors are you gravitating towards in 2023? I used to be a very colorful dresser in my teens, got into basics and neutrals in my 20s, and have re-emerged as a color lover in my 30s. I tend to let color lead as the main design element in my wardrobe and gravitate towards monochrome or bold color looks. I am perpetually drawn towards pinks and yellows. But also LOVE an all white look accented with color. I am curious about adding more prints and patterns into my wardrobe this year.

You've lived in the Bay Area for over a decade, what are your favorite things to do in your city? I’ve lived in both San Francisco and now the East Bay so I feel like I have a pretty full experience of living in the Bay. I love SF for its museums (SFMoma, Minnesota Street Projects, ICA SF), cute bars and delicious restaurants but also love Berkeley/Oakland for the sunshine, massive hiking/outdoor areas, and its slightly more relaxed lifestyle.
 What are you listening to or reading that have you feeling inspired lately? So much of the work that I created for The Sensation of Color is through my personal work in therapy. I am continually learning and meeting myself and seeing what expression and shape that may take. I started a daily walk practice last year with the encouragement of This Morning Walk podcast with Alex Elle and Libby Delana (who has walked everyday for over 10 years!) and use that time to connect with myself and be present. I am a pretty avid reader and somehow managed to read 25 books last year that range from fiction to wellness.  I am currently reading How to do the Work by Dr. Nicole LaPera (@the.Holistic.Psychologist) which feels like a nice way to start the year.

Photos by: Shaun Roberts Photography

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