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Meet Brooklyn, NY based Freelance Illustrator Laura Supnik - we're chatting about her day to day work life, her inspirations, and advice for aspiring artists on the blog. 

Laura is wearing our Oat Milk Utility Suit & Molasses Waffle Top + Molasses Waffle Bottom
Tell us a bit about yourself & your work:

I’m a full time freelance illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. I mostly make digital artwork and love simple linework and colors. I do work ranging from editorial pieces in magazines, to art for brands in advertisements, to in person illustrations at live events.

What does a normal work day look like for you as a freelance artist working from home and living in Brooklyn?

I have a small office inside of my apartment, but I often work in other spaces around my place, or go sit at a coffee shop to switch it up. The best part about being freelance is being in charge of my schedule. So if there’s a day where I feel overwhelmed and need a break I can clean the house, or if I feel like switching it up and working at 8 pm, I can allow myself to do that. I try to create a schedule at the beginning of each week because it ends up being pretty different for me depending on what work I have planned for that month. I’d say typically I’ll wake up, work on projects until lunch, take a break and do some errands or other projects that aren’t work related to break up the day, then go back to art for a while. But it really varies on what projects I have going on at the current time!

Do you have a favorite concept and/or color scheme that you continue to revisit throughout your illustrations?

I’ve always loved plants, so even from the early stages of my work, you can see a lot of them included in my pieces. Living in a big city inspires me with the amount of buildings and people. I’m always people-watching and taking walks around Brooklyn, so I tend to draw a lot of that city life. I’m drawn to bright simple colors but I tend to switch up which ones I use depending on the mood I’m in. It’s been fun to watch my art grow in concept and style over the years. I think it’s important to try new things, so I love when I notice that it looks different than it used to.

Would you say your relationship with art has influenced your own personal style (fashion)? If yes, how?

Definitely. Both fashion and illustration are forms of self expression. My relationship with clothing has become more curated over the years. I put a lot of thought into my artwork, so I try to do the same with fashion. Both are a process. Ethical brands are really important to me and it’s just as crucial for the piece of clothing to be made thoughtfully as it is to be cute and comfortable. I appreciate the care that goes into clothing and into the company to make it what it is.

What have you been reading or listening to lately that has you feeling inspired?

I recently got back into reading this year and have read 79 books! Reading in general has been so inspiring to me. I find I gravitate toward light sci fi or dystopian books because they’re so different from our reality. It helps inspire me in a new way, appreciate our reality, and therefore inspire my artwork. Even though it’s not one specific book, it’s been eye opening to read so many different things. I get so in my head, and in my own world - it’s been really helpful for me to immerse myself in new stories.

Do you have any advice for those fellow-aspiring illustrators out there?

Keep making and sharing your artwork! The more you share your art the more people will see it, and like it, and hire you for it. Also make artist friends. Reach out to artists you admire, buy them coffee and ask them questions. Everyone has a different story and it helps to learn bits and pieces about being an artist from different sources.

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