Noble Babe @blackandolive

Meet our second #NobleBabe of the year, Sade Llits, creator and blogger of Black & Olive featuring her two babes Sage (Age 4) & Ollie (13 Months) in their home in New Jersey.

Noble Babe @blackandolive

What does a typical day look like for you as a creator? Being a creator and a mom has its challenges, but if this is something that is a passion for you, you’ll make time to feed your passion. A typical day for me as a creator is first I focus on the kids needs, to make sure everyone is happy and fed; so if I have something I need to shoot, they’re less likely to interrupt me. I’d have a project ready for Sage to do so she is occupied, or some times she’ll help me because she is very into photography as I am. So when I am creating my kids are always with me, I had learned to work with them and around them all the time and it is not easy. However I have adjusted and accepted that this is apart of being a mom and a creator.

Tell us about your blog’s journey and how it’s developed over the years? I started Black and Olive when I was in college in NYC. I was a young fashionable New Yorker and I wanted to express that at that time, but as time went on I some how became in love with photography. It wasn’t for professional reasons, it was something about capturing a moment made me happy and it became a hobby. I started taking photos of buildings, subways, people in motion, anything that I considered beautiful; but of course as time went on, my blog transitioned with me. Now the focus is mainly on my motherhood journey, what I can offer from my experience along with captured moments.  

Where do you typically draw inspiration from? 
Everywhere. It could be anything on that day, I might love how the sun reflects on a certain object in a room, I could have watched an old film and it inspired me to create, or I’d come up with a image in my head and try to get it out on a photo, that is the best way I can describe it. In addition to social media platforms like IG, Pinterest and Vsco, which I try not to utilize too much for inspiration because everything becomes recycled; you tend to try to copy everything and then it becomes unauthentic. 

NobleBabe @blackandolive

How long did it take for you to create your own personal style? Any tips to share with others on that journey?  
That is exactly what creating your personal style is, a journey. My style has changed throughout my life. I believe this coincided with finding myself and being true without worrying what others would think. It’s harder to do that today because we have an array of distractions and influence. The only advice I can give is; is to find what you individually like and ask yourself ‘Does this bring me joy?’ Only you would know the feeling when it is right. Also, do not compare yourself to others and be consistent with whatever it is that you love, that is the only way you’ll get better at it

What are two big things you’ve learned from motherhood? 
To not blame myself and to not compare, every mother is different, every child is different; this is a learning experience for all of us on our own path. Patience is another, it will get done, no matter what it is; for me, it was regarding my personal goals and I kept putting myself down because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. But time does not wait, children grow really fast and I’ve learned to slow that time down by appreciating every moment as they grow.

NobleBabe @blackandolive
NobleBabe @blackandolive

Your favorite corner of your home & why: My favorite corner in my home is my little coffee nook in my living room. It is perfectly nestled between two of my favorite windows. The lighting is always right, it’s comfortable and I like to just sit there and look out the window while the kids run around. I love to work there as well, and if I want a photo or a quick IG story, that is the first place I’ll go.

Your favorite way to style your Noble Carriage pieces? 
I am all about comfort and keeping it simple. It’s really cold in New Jersey right now, so I love to pair my Noble Carriage cozy monochromatic sweats set with chunky socks, my throw and a coffee. If I need to head out real quick, I’ll layer up with a turtle neck, throw on an overcoat, comfortable sneakers, and a cap or a knit hat.

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