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Meet our fourth #NobleBabe of the year, Jasmine Wiens featuring her & Julien (Age 2) spending their days tending to their farm animals, preparing their winery and sourcing southwest inspired vintage.


Tell us about you and your family’s life in desert: Life at our 1950's hilltop abode is pretty simple. Our daily routine is tending to the animals which includes our three dogs, two pigs, three goats, thirteen chickens, and our horse. My husband and I have pretty fast paced lives so when we get home it feels like we can really check out and relax after a long day away. We are surrounded by endless views of the cityscape and have an abundance of mature cacti and trees surrounding us, feeling like we are living in our very own oasis. One of my favorite things is the song birds singing in the morning. Julien has a special place to explore around up here, playing with our animals and tending to our garden.

You sling vintage through your project ‘Jnalu Goods’ what is your process like when curating pieces for your shop? What style speaks to you the most? I call it treasure hunting and it still feels like that every time. I don’t really set any specific time to go out searching for pieces. It kind of organically happens. When I feel like I need to make a stop at a thrift store or estate sale, I do. I tend to gravitate towards earthen colors that represent the desert. Anything that feels like the southwest. I don’t like purchasing anything that I wouldn’t wear or house in my own home.

We need to know, what are the 3 most treasured vintage items in your closet right now? This is such a tough one! I would have to say my 3 most treasured vintage items would be my vintage Eddy western hat which I wear all the time, a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots, and lastly would be a vintage military liner jacket. All three are definitely staples in my closet.
You announced your project ‘Lost Ranch Winery’, which is set to open in 2023, which you’ve said has been a goal of yours and your husband’s for some time. What is your dream for this winery? Yes ever since we met we had dreamt of one day owning our own winery, so it truly is surreal. My dream is that Lost Ranch Winery can be a place where people can check out and relax. I want it to be all aspects of what Joseph and I are passionate about. We want to bring natural wine to Temecula Valley, we will be focusing on growing grape varietals that are more drought tolerant. We obviously love animals as well, so they will hold a place at the winery. Lost Ranch will be a representation of us and the deserts that surrounds us.

Regenerative farming is mentioned to be a tier of the Winery, what does your vision for that look like? Regenerative farming seems so fitting after experiencing this pandemic. Nature really does wonders. My vision for this is to utilize our farm animals. They will be our weed eaters, fertilizer, and compost. Everything you take from the crop will all go back and it’ll be a rotating process.
How have you found that balance between motherhood and pursuing your own personal passions? Having a schedule and a routine has really helped me with balance. Also setting aside a couple of free days to be fully present for Julien has been helpful, I call them fun days. It’s good for the soul and I feel like I can recalibrate to be focused and present for other passions.

It’s a slow kind of day at home with the family - ideally what activities are you doing, what foods are you eating and what records are you spinning? On a slow day the first order of business is making a breakfast feast, my go to are usually homemade pancakes with blueberries and lemon zest. The records currently on rotation at the household is Working Man's Dead by the Grateful Dead, Kristofferson, and Tapestry by Carole King. We most always end up hanging outside for a bit. Julien will get some of his little jujubees out while we roam around our property tending to the garden and any other odds and ends. We will always head out to the vineyard and tend to the land some point of the day.
What are your favorite ways to wear your Noble pieces? These Noble pieces are so flattering and don't need much to them. I'm usually tending to the farm or just hanging out in these pieces. Spicing it up with a cowboy hat is always my go-to and layering with a vintage jacket adds a little texture to them. I do just love the simplicity of just wearing the sets with nothing else. 
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