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Meet our #NobleBabe and ambassador Lindsey Trapp — mama and creative residing in New England with her husband and two babes Teddy & Rudy. Today we're chatting about her effortless knack for design and the ever-changing journey of motherhood.

 How has motherhood shaped you specifically in the past year & a half?  Honestly, I truly feel I’ve changed and my style of mothering has absolutely shifted in a positive way. Before our second was born in the summer of 2020, I was so laid back and flew by the seat of my pants, but constantly going. We traveled everywhere with our oldest without blinking an eye.  We dined out everywhere with him, and he napped on the go most days for the first year of his life just so we could go off and have an adventurous day. It just felt breezy, but also unnecessarily busy. Busy in the way that I felt like we had to be doing something every second since I specifically left my career prior to him being born to do it all with him. I am not completely sure it’s the pandemic, or having two, or it’s both I’m sure, but I’ve become much more leveled, and in a way grounded. It’s taken a while to get over my “fomo”, but I’ve started to feel content with taking it slow and adventuring close to home for now. Also, because we sort of had to for a while. Being forced to take it slow has absolutely helped keep me focused on my children and being more conscientious of how I mother in our home.  I certainly miss traveling and cannot wait to do so again with both of them without the weight of a pandemic, however in hopes of not sounding cliche, I’m happy to have finally come to terms that slow, yet present is very okay. 

  How would you describe both your personal and interior style? I have a love for mixing old with new. I would say I’m a bit of a minimalist, but could also style and fill my entire home with hundreds of vignettes of vintage found objects. We moved into a completed new construction last year that is mostly contemporary and not entirely my style, so I love warming it up and softening it’s edges with lots of texture, natural materials and vintage pieces to make it feel more lived in, more me. 

Do you have a piece in your home that may look ordinary but has a lot of sentimental value to you? A few years ago after we sold our apartment in Hoboken, NJ just outside of NYC, we decided to rent for another year while we continued house hunting. We desperately needed a cabinet to use for pantry space and needed it to be exact dimensions to fit in our rental’s kitchen. Knowing we would only be there one year, I also needed to hopefully find something that would eventually fit style wise into the home we would find. I really am against buying anything that will not have longevity in our life.  I stumbled on the most perfect tall vintage cabinet with arched doors on a shop’s Instagram stories and immediately jumped on it. The shop was out in Long Island, and impossible for us to get to during our move so I purchased it over the phone without seeing it in person and hired someone on some random app to go out and pick it up. It was a ridiculous hassle, but it’s my most treasured piece of furniture. Even more so, because I just felt it was right without even touching it.  Now it houses all of my special found vintage pieces, pottery, rocks, shells, dried flowers, anything sentimental really, all styled in our dining room amongst us where we gather for all of our meals. I have my hands in it styling it almost daily!  

With the seasons changing, what routines of your & your families shift that you look forward to jumping back into every year? We just moved out of NYC in the spring of 2020 to coastal Connecticut, so this is our second Fall here in New England. I grew up in upstate New York, so it’s been so fun visiting local farms here throughout their different seasons like I did as a kid. It’s also been incredible getting to learn and experience the beaches here throughout each season. We especially love picking up breakfast and heading to the beach for crisp fall mornings as a family while we watch our pup swim. The beaches here in the fall are something special! 

Any favorite Fall recipes you cook over and over again? My mothers apple pie with a buttered crumb crust has been a staple in our lives forever. I bake this and only this for every single occasion and have to say, it’s the best damn apple pie! 

What have you been reading and / or listening to lately that has you completely inspired? I am so drawn to overgrown and dense English cottage style gardens, so I have been coveting Monty Don and Piet Oudolf for inspiration or just when I need a mental escape.  I am learning as I go, but my dream is to grow big lush mature gardens filled with tons of special different species! 

You just changed into your Noble Waffle Jammies— what's your ideal way to stay cozy in them? It’s an overcast rainy day…the kids and I are in the kitchen making waffles or pancakes…then cozied up at our dining room table. I’ve got a fresh mug of coffee and their making eachother laugh while we eat. bonus if there’s zero whining ;)

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