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Article: Noble Babe Lisa Bühler of 'Lisa Says Gah'

Noble Babe Lisa Bühler of 'Lisa Says Gah'

Noble Babe Lisa Bühler of 'Lisa Says Gah'

Meet our #NobleBabe Lisa Bühler founder of 'Lisa Says Gah'— the hub for fun patterns, accessories and cult brands like Paloma Wool & Ganni. Lisa resides in San Francisco with her husband and two babes Heidi (6 weeks old) & River (18M), featuring their getaway in Boonville, California.

Lisa & River both wearing matching Utility Suits in Blue Moon.

Gah! We'd love to hear how LSG has evolved to where it is today: After a decade in the fashion industry, I set out to create an anti-shop kind of shop—a space where independent design and artistry could thrive. We’ve quickly become home to the latest independent, cult-loved fashion brands—an online shop constantly on the hunt to discover the next Gah! Thing.

I’m in awe of how you’ve been able to grow Lisa Says Gah into the successful shop that it is today while giving birth to two beautiful babies only a year or so apart. How have you been able to juggle both? How has Motherhood influenced your career path? I entered Motherhood at the beginning of the pandemic, both a dramatic lifestyle change. Finding the best talent to grow the team and support at home from childcare and my partner has been paramount to making it all work. A big thing I'm trying to make time for is fun. The juggling and all the tasks can feel overwhelming and endless, so taking time to be present with my family, with my co-workers, and making that about having fun, which can just be doing nothing, having happy hour while the kids run around, and having a slack channel that's #just4fun has been a big relief in these fraught times.
River wearing our Utility Suit in Blue Moon & Heidi in the Footie Sleeper in Blue Moon with the Noble x Ouistitine Waffle Rattle in Lavender and the classic Waffle Blanket in Oat Milk. 

What criteria do you consider when bringing a brand into your shop? Do you consider the brands' environmental impact or your in-house Lisa Says Gah brands impact the planet when manufacturing? We send out a survey. We look for the following. They might not check off all the boxes, but we aim to cover at least a few points to align with our ethos.


Spotting the next generation of (change)makers is our superpower — shop our hand-picked selection of women-owned brands that keep us saying “Gracah!”


Say “Ugh” to fast fashion with slow, thoughtful pieces crafted by and for our creative community.


Ethically crafted and made with the utmost consideration for the wellness of people and the planet. 

A collection of independent brands from a diverse community of designers redefining the future of fashion.

We believe in clothes that uplift everybody.
What elements of your role at work do you love the most? The challenge of keeping it moving forward drives my enthusiasm. It's a lot of work day in and day out, but I truly love it and love working with people with the same eagerness to see things through. I work mostly in the customer-facing role- product, content, and user experience are my passion areas.

When you want to be creatively revived, ideally, where do you go & what do you do to stay inspired? Taking a break. A break from video calls, social media, emails to live in the moment, read a book, talk, a walk. I feel recharged with ideas when I'm not tethered to a device.
How has your personal style evolved? I'd say I'm always interested in new trends but tend to style back to classic basics like a blazer and a classic white tee.

Tell us more: what are you listening to, reading, or watching that you're completely immersed in? Listening to the LisaSaysGah Spotify playlist we just made for a recent pop-up. A mix of HAIM, Prince, and Diana Ross. Reading Daisy Jones & The Six (big Reese Witherspoon book club fan), and completely immersed in how to lower fossil fuels in my work and personal life.

Follow Lisa here at @lisabuhler


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