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Article: Introducing: Noble

Introducing: Noble

Introducing: Noble

Dear Noble Friends & Family, 

Today, I’m excited to unveil the rebrand of Noble Carriage to “Noble”. The Noble brand is not new, as many of you know, because it has been our private-label brand since late 2018. The decision to consolidate our identity around the Noble brand has come from our desire to focus on what our customers are asking from us most. Originally, Noble focused on baby clothing that was fashionable, functional, and sustainably built. Today's Noble continues forward with those same values, but it has evolved and matured as a lifestyle brand to include styles for women as well.

Ever since we launched Noble, our #1 comment from moms has been "I want that in my size". We were shy to make our kid's styles in women's sizes but finally tested it 9 months ago with tremendous success. Since then, we have not been able to ignore the interest in women's styles from Noble and some of the other brands in our shop. It has become clear that we need to develop more products for women and focus our brand to better align with this direction. Noble will design clothing for women and kids that are fashionable, functional, and sustainably built. Noble will continue to partner with other brands, that fulfill our high sustainability standards, for complimentary products like shoes, hats, outerwear, etc.. We are very excited for this next chapter in our business and can't wait to show you the amazing products we have on the horizon. 

We're hoping this evolution feels seamless to all of you, but we want to share what you can expect from Noble moving forward in an FAQ format. Feel free to comment below with more questions and we’ll add to the list as we go. Thank you for coming along for this journey, we wouldn’t exist without all of your love and support. XO ~ Jen & Noble Team.


Will you still carry other brands in your shop? 

We will continue to carry the top sustainable brands alongside Noble products. Our brand partnerships will complement the Noble styles that you know and love. We will also collaborate with brands and artists that we admire to have exclusive products that pair perfectly with your Noble threads.  

Will your Noble sustainability standards change?

As we begin to manufacture more and more of our own clothing our commitment to sustainability is getting stronger. Here are our commitments for all products that we sell:

 1. We will use organic, natural, or recycled fabrics

  • Certified organic or regenerative cotton
  • Natural materials like Merino wool
  • Recycled fabric like deadstock fabric or recycled polyester 
2. We will only work with suppliers that have fair trade and labor practices
  • Fair wages
  • Safe working conditions
  • Partner with suppliers that are committed to protecting their workers and the environment
3. We will source materials responsibly
  • Limit the carbon footprint by sourcing locally
  • Align with organizations and third party certifications that ensure quality and sustainability
4. We will focus on products that are made to last
  • Our goal is for every product that we sell to withstand the test of time and to be handed down for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th life.

What makes Noble products special?

All of our products are designed around on 3 core pillars of value: Fashionable, functional, and sustainable. We will live by the sustainability standards listed above and always strive to be the most sustainable we possibly can. The functional pillar is one that we don't talk about as much but is essential in everything that we design. We believe that the intersection of fashion and function is the sweet spot for our Noble brand. What we mean when we say "functional" is that our products are comfortable, veristile, durable, easy to get on and off, and practical. We strive to make every product one that you would wear everyday. 

Will you offer plus sizes in your adult styles?

Yes! We strive to be as inclusive as possible. However, plus sizing requires unique customizations to measurements throughout each style. We will expand our sizes gradually to ensure that each size has the right fit and have been working with friends and customers behind the scenes each season. If you're looking for a specific size, have questions about fit or are interested in being a fit model in this process: please email us at

Can we still send our used Noble clothing in for credit?

Yes! We will continue to offer a Noble Sharing sale each month where we resell your used & mended clothing at a fraction of the normal price and give you credit to the shop for sending your used Noble clothing in. This program is still in Beta, so we are open to any and all feedback about how you want to be able to participate in this program. 

Will you still have furniture, mattresses and toys?

Unfortunately, no. We love the brands that we carried, but we are going to focus on Noble clothing and other complimentary brands and accessories. If you're looking for these things, we highly recommend Oeuf for furniture & Naturepedic for mattresses. They will ship directly from their warehouse to you which makes the delivery process more seamless.

 How do we find you on IG?

Our IG handle has changed to @shopnoble. Please find us here and tag us in your photos! 

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have with this new launch or just share your excitement. Yay! 

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