Noble x San Diego Artist Feature: Courtney Seabrooks

The San Diego community is filled with artists and creatives that make the city unique in itself! Not only is our founder / designer Jen based in S.D but we've been shipping our Noble goods from this area for the past 6 years!

Today we dive into the first of these special San Diego Artist features starting with local painter & mama Courtney Seabrooks to explore her process as an ever-evolving artist.
Courtney & Mila wearing our French Blue Utility Suits— available now for Kids and open for pre-orders for Adults (XS-2XL).

Where are you based in San Diego and how long have you been here? I live in my hometown, Oceanside, which is about 30 miles north of San Diego. My family and I live a few blocks from the beach. I’ve lived in the area most of my life.

How long have you been painting and where do you draw inspiration from?  I’ve been painting seriously since my early teens. I was always the person people went to when they needed artwork for a flyer for a show or something. I took a lot from film and music in my early days. Fellini comes to mind, his color schemes and style; David Lynch, a painter as well, of course. Rock N Roll played a big part too, it’s imagery and attitude. Nowadays, It’s other painters, designers, and artists who inspire me, particularly if they are also parents. Sometimes I’ll be going through my closet trying on outfits, hanging out with my 2 year old daughter and get inspired. Or gardening and watering seeds when I catch an idea.  I’ve spent a lot of time around both painters and filmmakers alike, and folks who read, who act, who move objects around rooms until they are satisfied, who behave very intentionally. It’s people who have the most peaceful look on their face listening to metal, or wear mismatched layers and lots of jewelry, people with really loud laughs, a mother’s voice talking to her child, the list goes on but the point remains. I find beauty in all of it.   

We notice a lot of blue, yellow and earth tones in your work— is this color scheme ingrained in all of your work? Not necessarily. There was a time when all of my work was very colorful. Then I realized I had been trying too hard. The simplest combination of colors is often the most impactful. My work for Strange House tends toward neutrals with the occasional pops of color. While my personal work, both abstract and otherwise, is much more unexpected. I paint what I feel, switching techniques often and experimenting, but I am still very specific with my color choices.

What helps keep you inspired while working in a creatively demanding field? Is it demanding? I hadn’t noticed. JUST KIDDING. Running an art business in the world of social media is nuts. I’m supposed to give you something every hour? I’ll come up with something and sit on it for months. I believe that for me, all of my creating is a slow and thoughtful practice. I try to maintain my own rhythm through it all. I trust that with what I’m doing and the type of people that follow me, quality will always win out over quantity. I keep going because this is who I am. I need to be doing this. It’s like writing in a journal for me. And I'm sure as life goes on I’ll feel even more comfortable expressing myself in new ways, so the work will always be out there for everyone it is meant for.


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