Noble x Sarah Wright Olsen Feature

Today on the blog we're chatting with actor and writer Sarah Wright Olsen about her latest children's book 'Happiness is the Journey' and her journey while balancing her career & motherhood.
Winter is wearing our Prairie Print Utility Suit, Esme is wearing our Pine Utility Suit & Sarah is wearing our Oat Milk Utility Suit.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Sarah Wright Olsen. I am an actor, a writer, a podcaster (The Mother Daze podcast) and I own a company called which is an organic skincare line for the whole family. I have 3 children. Wyatt is 9, Esme is 6 and Winter is 2. My first Children’s book just launched and its called Happiness is the Journey!

Tell us about your experience of writing a children's book and the idea of this story came to be? I have written poetry and stories for as long as I can remember. When I go through story ideas in my head I always come up rhyming little lines together and wonder “oh is this the beginning or middle of a story?" When I was in my early 20s in LA I was acting but had some time on my hands when I wasn’t working and I took classes at UCLA extension on children’s book writing. It was a time in which I could focus on this passion and read tons of picture books and get an understanding of what I was really drawn to. Many years and three children later I wrote HAPPINESS IS THE JOURNEY.  During the pandemic there was a day when my daughter was feeling sad we weren’t at school with her friends. I was listening to her on zoom school and her teachers were trying to explain mindfulness and I had an idea about how to write this story about being present right where we are and appreciating the world around us. Like a download from the universe the story just kind of burst out of me and I wrote it on my phone while breastfeeding my baby. It was almost a year later that the story found its home at Lumilly and through many edits and the brilliant work of our illustrator Natalia Moore our main character Clover and her journey came to life! 

What have you learned about yourself in the process of telling Clover's story? 

It's just been a constant reminder to do just that— to be grateful for exactly what's happening right now and to notice the world around me and to be present and I just love that it's just as much a teachable story.

How do you balance motherhood alongside pursuing your creative endeavors? You know, with all of these people around I think it allows me to show up in the way I want to as a Mom. And it allows me to go when I have that moment where I'm like I really want to try this thing— I have all of these people, all of these dear friends, these women friends and my partner going "yeah you should try that!" And it makes me feel a little less afraid and gives me that boost of courage to do it. I have so much gratitude for those humans and there is no me balancing it on my own.


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