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Noble Dad Rico CastilleroPhotographed by Rachel Castillero

1. Name / profession / current creative project:
Rico Castillero, Photographer, and Design/Builder. Current creative project @thewoodlandshouse

Noble Dad Rico2. What are your go-to places to hang out with Shepard in PDX? 

Still exploring, which is fun. Shepard does love parks and there are so many great parks in Portland. Close walking distance to us is a great little market called Bread and Roses with a kids piano and a stuffed monkey that Shepard loves to play with, we go there almost every day. There is also a cute kids store called Hammer and Jacks, a vegetarian diner called “Off the Griddle” with some of the best vegan Mac and Cheese, and a bagel shop that serves vegetarian sausage breakfast sandwiches and bagel dogs.

Noble Dad Rico 3. Describe your perfect day in the city. 

Bagels for breakfast from Henry Higgins bagel shop then exploring the neighborhood with a stop at Mount Scott park. Then after nap our favorite thing is to yard hang with our neighbors, drinking margaritas while the Kids run around.

Noble Dad Rico 4. Why did you move from San Diego to Portland?

For years now I have felt called to this part of the country. I guess I just tend to gravitate to the mountains more than the beach. Plus Portland is so unique in what it offers food and culture wise. I also think If we never tried it out, we would always wonder about it.

noble Dad Rico
5. What do you love most about your new city?

Love all the amazing vegetarian eats, the funky gritty vibes, the slower pace of life and the strong connection to nature and the outdoors.

Noble Dad Rico 6. Favorite piece from Noble Carriage righty now and why. 

The Glerups boots are my favorite because they are functional, easy to get on and off, affordable, and really great looking.

Noble Dad Rico

Noble Dad Rico

7. What surprised you most about becoming a dad? 

I knew raising a kid was going to be hard, but honestly could never have imagined the extreme ups and downs we were in for. The whole, “work / family balance” thing, is no joke.

Noble Dad Rico noble dad rico

8. What's one piece of advice you would give a soon-to-be Dad?

Embrace the change, seriously savor each moment, don’t long for a season to pass because the next one could be tough too. Surrender to every moment and be present with your child.

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