Creamsicle Waffle Cake Pops w/ Merrill

Our multi-talented friend, mama, photographer, baker, embroidery artist Merrill ( @merzydotes ) created these adorable Waffle Cake Pops for our recent Spring photoshoot and today on the blog she's sharing the recipe with us!
 These waffle shaped cake pops are so easy! Just choose your favorite cake recipe, your most delicious frosting, and candy wafers in your chosen color then get ready to make the most darling treats. We made a maple cake with vanilla frosting to really give it a waffle kick!



1. Make the cake according to directions and let cool

2. In a large bowl, mix cake and a big spoonful of frosting by squishing together with your hands (the littles love this step!) until the texture resembles a play dough. You truly don’t need too much frosting!

3. Melt candy wafers in the heat-proof container according to directions on the package. I usually melt one cup and then repeat as needed as I go, and always reheat if the candy starts to harden.

4. Pour melted candy wafers into the mold and cover all surfaces, making sure you line the sides using a popsicle stick or knife. Insert popsicle stick while candy is still pliable. Let harden and then add another layer making sure the sides have a thick coating.

5. When candy layer has hardened, take a ball of the cake and frosting mix and squish it into the mold pressing down until almost filled to the top.

6. Pour a layer of melted candy wafers on top of the cake mixture. Let cool and harden then gently peel the mold away from the treat!

*For extra help, you can google video tutorials for making “cakesicles”


Merrill & Leo both rocking their Creamsicle Waffle Jammies from our latest Spring collection! Merrill is wearing our Adult Top & Bottom in size Medium and Leo is wearing our Tank Set in size 7Y. 

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