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Noble Ambassador Program FAQ

What is a Noble Ambassador?
Our NOBLE brand ambassadors help us spread the NOBLE name and in return get to earn free swag, exclusive sneak peeks & discounts and commission to our shop along the way! The program is made up of talented creators, makers & parents who inspire and share NOBLE in their own unique way.

I'm already an Ambassador, why am I being asked to reapply?
Spring cleaning! Our goal for 2022 was to reframe and organize our ambassador program. If you are being asked to reapply, don't fret! We are verifying you're an active Noble lover who still wants in on all the exclusive insider offers. Due to demand— we have a limited number of spots.
Applications to reapply will be opened for a limited time, deadline to reapply ends March 11th.


- Start by signing up HERE

- If your application is approved, you will receive your own personalized coupon code to share with your friends & followers.

- Every time your code is used, you will receive a 10% commission in the form of a gift card to the shop the 1st of every month. *Each ambassador will be reviewed 90 days after acceptance to the program; inactivity from the program will result in removal from the program and request to reapply.

- We will be hosting special giveaways, sharing sneak peeks, and sending swag just for our Noble ambassadors. We're excited to kick off this new program!

All members will automatically be rolled into the Noble Maker tier which is a 10% commission rate resulting in gift card payments the 1st of every month.

For any active ambassador that hits $200 USD sales in a 30 day span, they will automatically be bumped up to the Noble Muse tier which is a 12% commission rate resulting in Paypal payments the 1st of every month.

You can text or email your code to friends, post in your social media bios, add it to your link tree and blog posts, or share on stories and in the captions of posts! Keep your code handy so you can copy and paste it on the fly.

*If your code has been compromised or appears on a discount website, we will cancel your current discount code and set up a new discount code for you to share.
Any questions? Email for assistance!
Reminder the deadline to reapply ends March 11th.