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Article: The Birth of Noble Carriage by Jen Hartford

The Birth of Noble Carriage by Jen Hartford
Noble Carriage

The Birth of Noble Carriage by Jen Hartford

Dear Friends + Family,

I would like to change the world. I believe everyone wants to, but in February 2012 I thought of an idea of how. At the time I was working as a senior designer at one of the top boutique ad agencies in San Francisco. I loved my job, I loved everything about design, but for the first time in my life I found myself going to work everyday thinking about Noble Carriage. After a year I couldn't shake this desire to try and make Noble Carriage a reality and I bid farewell to San Francisco to move in with my parents in sunny SoCal where I could work hand in hand with LA factories to create the most sustainable baby clothing this side of the Mississippi. I was shocked and disappointed to find almost every factory told me I was insane to try and sell organic baby clothing. They told me parents want cheap, fast fashion. Now this is a generalization, but it isn't an unfair judgment to make. This is truly the sad reality of our current state of the states here in the US of A. Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged I started to question the ethics behind my decisions to go organic. Like many other brands I felt in order to be a successful + profitable company I had to make a choice: I either produce the clothing in the USA or I produce organic clothing, but not both.

As I began to research both to find out which one mattered to me more I stumbled upon hundreds of people dedicated to this eco-fashion movement. I could feel the energy pulsing from my computer and I could not ignore the realities of non organic fibers. Now lets be clear, I love fashion and before I knew about how harmful non sustainable clothing is for you and for the environment I did not care, but now I had seen it and now I could not un-see it. I saw videos, read books, articles, blogs about sustainable fashion and I couldn't believe the world didn't know. And I certainly couldn't morally create clothing that would do that much harm to the world, much less a small child.

This is why today, 9/3/2014 I am launching Noble Carriage. Because the world of fast fashion is in need of change and I believe I can help if I start from the birth of a child. Noble Carriage will begin as an online shop for the best and most ethical organic baby clothing I have found in this world and with each day it will strive to be more sustainable for you, for your growing baby, and for our future. Thank you friends and family for your love, support and belief in me over this crazy transition in my life. I hope Noble Carriage will make you proud! Have a look at

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