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Article: 8+ Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

8+ Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

8+ Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

Curious what all of the hype is for organic baby clothing? It seems everyone is on the organic baby train, but is organic cotton actually better then plain ol' cotton?

Our short answer, YES... conventional cotton (plain ol' cotton) uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world. These chemicals can cause cancers, neurological problems, reproductive problems and more. So unless you're buying organic cotton, you can't be sure the clothing you are putting on your baby is pesticide-free.

If that isn't reason enough, here are 8 more reason to love organic baby clothing.

#1. Organic cotton is super soft.

Organic cotton feels softer because it is free of scratchy impurities and harsh chemicals, which could irritate your baby’s skin. In many cases it is also more durable because the fibers are not broken down with harsh chemicals.

#2. Organic cotton reduces allergic reactions + rashes.

When conventional cotton leaves the field, traces of many of the pesticides used to grow it remain in the fibers themselves. These chemicals could be absorbed through your baby’s thin skin and can cause allergies, rashes, respiratory problems and can even lead to cancers. 

#3. Organic cotton protects from cancer causing agents. 

Cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the United States. Many government-approved pesticides were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to cancer and other diseases. In the long run, choosing organic cotton is safer.

#4. Organic cotton does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Research links GMOs to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health issues. The U.S Food & Drug administration does not require safety testing or labeling for GMOs. 

#5. Organic farming keeps farmers healthy.

By eliminating all hazardous synthetic pesticides in its production, organic cotton offers a healthy and sustainable farming future for farmers and their families. Here in the US alone, more than 10,000 farmers die each year from cancers related to these harmful pestecides.

#6. Organic cotton farming preserves precious water.

Organic farming practices keep soils healthy and preserve precious water resources. The water pollution impact of organic has been shown to be 98% less than non-organic cotton production.

#7. Organic cotton farming helps to combat climate change.

Organic cotton farming uses less energy and healthy organic soils store more CO2. 

#8.  Organic cotton is better for our future.

When we choose organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, we protect the health of our families and the environment. 

Recent awareness of these benefits has increased demand of organic cotton and thus, lowered its cost. As the demand for organic cotton increases, more farmers and brands will turn to organic methods, which will continue to decrease the cost and increase our odds of staying healthy. That sounds like a win, win for everyone!

So get out there and shop organic, and together, we can make a difference one noble baby at a time.



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Thank you bringing Awarness to why it is better to choose Organic cotton. I had no idea cancer is the leading cause of death in children in the United States.

Dee Hartford

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