Watch us wrap your Noble Carriage holiday gift in 10 seconds! Then, don't forget to select "Free Holiday Gift Wrap" at checkout. Happy Holidays from Noble Carriage!

Step by Step Breakdown (LARGE ORGANIC BABY BUNDLE):

STEP 1 - We begin with an eco-friendly box, line it with reusable chalkboard paper and then fill the box with 100% recycled paper shred.

STEP 2 - Then we carefully place your organic baby gift items into the bed of pretty shred.

Step 3 - Fold over the reusable chalkboard paper to seal the gift. The chalkboard paper is perfect for reuse!

Step 4 -Handwrite the gift note onto our letterpress tag made from 100% recycled paper.

Step 5 - Tie up the reusable chalkboard paper with our candy cane bakers twine, add our Noble Carriage gift tag, and finish it off with a sprig of Noble pine.

Step 5 - Last, but not least, we slip-in our 100% recycled letterpress thank you card. Thank you notes are always handy to have!

Step 6 - That's a wrap!


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