4 Healthy Ways to Detox

4 Healthy Ways to Detox

By Hannah Shanken, Good Life

When did cleansing get such a sordid rap?

For thousands of years, cultures spanning the globe created rituals that helped it's people wash away their sins, start anew, and feel revitalized with a little splash of water or the like.

And now? We go to great lengths to rid, neglect and deprive ourselves with food or green juices for a set amount of time, to feel an elusive superiority that instead of empowering has us feeling all kinds of famished.

Here, we’ve explored four ways to really detox. This time, though, there’s no focus on axing food or sliding activities over to the no-no list. Let’s flood your schedule with effortless lifestyle additions that will help you feel revamped, energized and like brand new. Talk about a fresh perspective!

Detox in an Infrared Sauna

Detox #1: Infrared Sauna

When your lymphatic system is supported and thriving, it helps you to naturally detox you everyday. But cumulative toxins in the air, household products or traditional skincare can hinder this detoxification process. We need to open up our pores and amp up circulation, which is why infrared saunas are hard to beat. Plus, the heat and darkness set the mood for deeeeep relaxation.  And the benefits are HUGE.  We’re talking sped up metabolism, reduced cellulite and clear, luscious skin.

Detox by Tongue Scraping

Detox #2: Tongue Scraping

When we attend to the tongue, the benefits are great. We love to pair our toothbrush and floss with a tongue scraper (like this one) every day.  In one minute a day, this ancient Ayurvedic practice can decrease the unwanted bacteria in your body, boost your immunity, activate saliva production so your stomach acid fires, (translation: better digestion) and give you extra fresh breath.  Each morning, take your scraper and move from the back of the mouth - forward for 7-14 strokes.  

Detox with Cilantro

Detox #3: Cilantro

The chemical compounds in this bitter herb are famous for binding and loosening the toxic metals hidden deep in your body and lowering chronic inflammation. Not only is it a YES for the liver, it also helps to regulate blood sugar, can lower LDL(or the bad) cholesterol, aid in hormonal balance and is high in iron and magnesium, micronutrients important for digestion and sleep. Throw an entire cup of cilantro in a smoothie with mango and coconut water for unbelievable system support. 

Detox through Oil Pulling

Detox #4: Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil is somewhat of a marvel, pulling off trick after trick of holistic healing. This time, we’re using it as a detox for our mouth. Oil pulling, an Ayurvedic practice, helps to pull out all of the toxic pathogens from the air and in your food from the nooks and crannies of your mouth (especially in those moments when you skip organic!) Begin with 5 minutes of swishing a spoonful of oil, and working your way up to 15-20 minutes of oil pulling is incredibly detoxifying—just make sure to spit in the sink after you’re finished!

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