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Article: 7 Tips to Prepare Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

7 Tips to Prepare Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

7 Tips to Prepare Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

7 Tips to Prepare your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

Written by Nikki Roxy

Six years ago I was utterly devastated when my son was diagnosed with autism. However, the initial feelings of despair were soon displaced by anger and frustration. The doctors ascribed the diagnosis to genetic causes, although no genetic testing had been conducted. They cautioned me that recovery was not a possible outcome and that hours upon hours of behavioral and occupational therapy was essentially the extent of treatment options. The traditional medical community – the doctors I was counting on to help my son – were at a complete loss on how to improve my son’s health. I could not accept this and my frustration turned into dogged determination …

I reviewed labs, read research studies late into the night, attended conferences, and networked with nutritionists and functional medicine doctors from around the world. I learned about environmental toxins that could be attributing to or exacerbating my son’s illness. I identified nutrients where he was deficient, potentially impeding healthy development.

Today my son is thriving. He is excelling at school, socially and academically. This last weekend he scored the first goal of the season for his soccer team! This past summer he confidently participated in a play in front of a big audience. His health is improving. These are not outcomes that were deemed achievable at the time of his diagnosis six years ago. 

Based on my experience and studies, I know that we can take back our children’s health. For parents-to-be, that begins now. If you are thinking about conceiving below are seven tips to prepare. Try focusing on a few areas at a time and, before you know it, you will have improved both your health and the well-being of your future baby.

1. Clean up your diet.

Eat an organic, non-GMO based diet, removing all processed foods. Reference the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ 

Utilize Thrive Market.

- Start with the Whole 30 diet, removing all grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods.

- Remove gluten completely from your diet before and during pregnancy, and while nursing, in order to prevent toxins from being passed on to your baby. It is difficult to find organic gluten, and most sources of gluten are sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate. 

- Eliminate dairy completely or try raw, organic dairy. Consider using ghee for cooking.

- Eat low-mercury seafood only.

2. Consult a naturopath physician or functional medicine doctor.

Do a comprehensive lab workup. Check for nutritional deficiencies. Look for infections such as candida or parasites. Test for heavy metals and toxins. Check hormone levels for adrenal fatigue.  These are all areas that could impact your ability to get pregnant or your developing fetus.

Do genetic testing through 23 and MeLivewello is the online database to input the raw data from your 23 and Me results. You and your doctor can utilize this data to effectively customize your diet and supplements. 

3. Replace medications.

Under the guidance of a naturopath or functional medicine doctor, replace medications, including prescription anti-depressants and birth control.

- Utilize Joette Calabrese’s -  online courses and info on homeopathy ( homeopathic medicine).

Dr. Eric Zielinski - database on natural treatments using essential oils 

4. Take supplements

- Three important supplements for preparing the body for pregnancy include high-quality vitamin D, omega-3s, and probiotics.

Review your current supplements regimen. Some vitamins or minerals should be taken at different times from one another, such as zinc and copper. Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton have made it simple to customize your supplement plan – begin by taking this quiz:

5. Use natural cosmetics and cleaning products.

For hair.

- For skin. 

- For makeup. Try this organic version of Sephora.

- For nailsStop getting manicures / pedicures or find an organic salon. Gabriel makes nail polish and nail polish remover that are free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and phthalates.  

The Environmental Working Group created a database called Skindeep that uses a rating system and lists all chemicals for cosmetics and cleaning products.  

- Switch to non-toxic cleanersVinegar, lemon, and essential oils work well for DIY cleaning products

6. Detox.

Milk thistle supports the liver and can naturally help increase breast milk production.

A 21-day detox program is a great way to cleanse your body prior to pregnancy.

Go to to find a spa that offers far- or near-infrared saunas, which promote detoxification, including heavy metals.

- Take a bath every other night with two cups of Epsom salt, one cup baking soda, and lavender essential oil.

Try green juicing, which is a great way to flush toxins from the body.  Look for a quality juice bar in your area or use Suja, which cold-presses its juices, maintaining the nutrients. 

Diffuse a citrus oil such as orange or lemon in your office or home.

-  Drink water with lemon and Himalayan salt every morning.

Coconut oil pulling (or oil of choice) with a drop of food-grade peppermint essential oil.

Drinking parsley tea is a great way to detox your liver and helps lower inflammation.

Place non-toxic, air-purifying plants throughout your house. 

Try to limit EMF's, Electric and magnetic fields in your house by minimizing the use of microwaves, and placing WiFi-enabled devices in a separate room at night or turning off your WiFi at night when not in use.

7. Manage stress levels.

Meditation and exercise reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your bloodstream that can inhibit your ability to get pregnant and can eventually be harmful to a developing fetus. Long walks are also effective for lowering cortisol levels. 

Yoga and Barre are wonderful for preparing your bodies for pregnancy and a natural child birth. 

Diffuse Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and bergamot.

Herbs such as Rhodiola and ashwagandha can also help with stress management. Consult with your naturopath or functional medicine doctor.


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Great blog post. These are some helpful tips for pregnant women. These are also great for men to read, so they can remind their pregnant wives to take their daily supplements, be mindful of their stress, etc. Best of luck with your future
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Great info even when you aren’t pregnant, thanks!


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