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Article: BEHIND THE LABEL: Mother Muse



Mother muse founder

Behind the label with Mother Muse Photography by Liz Rosa

With Mother's Day only a few days behind us, we are super excited to introduce you to Shereen, the founder of the super chic, Mother Muse magazine, model, and mama to Adaline Rose. Aside from having fabulous taste, Shereen curates the printed magazine for the slow living Mother, which we can certainly get behind. Today, we are excited to share with you how becoming a mama sparked Shereen's passion for sustainable fashion and inspired her to create Mother Muse.

Mother Muse in Gray Label & Briar Handmade

{Adaline Rose is wearing the Playsuit by Gray Label in Grey + Ivory Sunbonnet by Briar }

You started Mother Muse because you saw a void in the market for a high-end fashion & lifestyle magazine for Mother’s. What kind of content were you looking to provide to moms that you didn’t see already out there?

Mother Muse was a passion project that started about six months after having my daughter - I wanted to give back to the woman that inspire me day in and day out. Mothers deserve to also be taken care of and thought about. Mother Muse focuses on mothers and celebrates the beauty of motherhood through slow fashion & lifestyle. We showcase original content in each coffee table book and its curated thoughtfully. I want Mother Muse to be authentic and filled with quality because mothers deserve that - what separated my book from other magazines out there was a lot of parent magazines claim to focus on the parent but once you reach the end of a magazine you realize it was filled with what to buy your baby or the top strollers and breast pumps on the market and lets be real motherhood is more than just that. 

What were you doing before you started Mother Muse?

I am still a signed Model and continue to do selected work - I have been in that industry since I was fifteen. I also do photography and before Mother Muse I was running a street cast agency, but my heart is 110% into developing Mother Muse and growing it. 

What does slow fashion mean to you?

Quality vs. Quantity - and slow fashion to me is also a lifestyle within its own.

How has becoming a mom influenced how you look at fashion or the things you buy, if at all?

It's changed my perspective a lot, to be honest, I look for quality pieces that are timeless and I definitely do not waste money on fast fashion and trends like I use to.

What does slow living mean to you? What are some ways you practice this in your daily life?

To me it means simple living and being a minimalist - I've always believed less is more. I also feel slow living is intertwined with living in the moment and taking a deep breath in those moments. My husband and I love nature and being outdoors and traveling I feel that is all somewhat sewed together and I want my daughter to be brought up that way - less consumption and making more memories as a family. 

What advice would you give to other moms who have a passion project they would love to start, but are having trouble taking the plunge?

Do it! it is okay to take your time but, you don't want to miss your opportunity. The worst thing to happen is it doesn't work? But you can try again until it's successful - Mother Muse is only six months old and I am so blessed it has been such a positive outcome. 

What influence has Canada had on raising your baby and starting a business?

Raising our daughter in Canada has allowed for her to experience beautiful amounts of nature. I think the fact I can easily have access to nature and its peaceful surroundings gives me a clear positive outlook on my business and gives me constant inspiration. 

What are some of your favorite pieces from Noble Carriage right now and why?

There are so many! But, I currently am obsessed with the Misha & Puff organic Eleanor sunsuit with the matching bonnet in sky the quality looks outstanding - not to mention adorable. 

What’s up next for Mother Muse? Can you share any juicy secrets?

I am already working on Volume Three and I wish I could share the exciting secret but this issue will be one of my highlights since launching the coffee table book and I feel after Volume Three it will be a game changer for our company.

Now that you have a huge mom crush on Shereen, don't forget to grab your copy of Mother Muse, because we can all use a little inspiration to slow down and live in the moment with our littles. 

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