Sunshine Baby Favorites

Sunshine Baby Favorites

With dreams of summer vacation hot on our mind, we put together a guide to our sunshine baby favorites that aren't only cute but will help protect your baby from those hot sun rays while still being cozy and practical. Think organic sunscreen made without chemicals that could be toxic to your babies skin, sunbonnets that shield the sun while looking super chic, and water teether toys your baby can gnaw on and not worry about getting a hunk of mold or chemicals with each bite. BONUS: you can layer all of the clothing items when the sun sets. 

01. Josie the Chipmunk by Hazel Village, the newest member of the Hazel Village family. Josie is rocking a sunshine-ready indigo romper and has the most scrumptious curly cue tail. / 02. High Seas Summer Romper by Winter Water Factory. Made with cozy organic cotton and water-based inks right here in the USA. / 03. Origami Boat, by Oli & Carol, a super chic bath toy that doubles as a non-toxic teether and water toy. / 04. Dried Flower Crown by Sage Sisters, for your free-spirited babe. 05. Charcoal Railroad Stripe Sunbonnet by Briar to shade your babies head and face in style. / 06. Organic Sunscreen for Babies, protect those bare bottoms from the sunshine with sunscreen handmade from baby safe organic ingredients. / 07. Eleanor Sunsuit by Misha & Puff, turn your babe into a real life doll for her next bday bash. / 08. Cotton Candy Teether, because organic cotton candy is the perfect baby accessory for summer fairs and festivities. / 09. Sunhat by Misha & Puff, for protecting your babies face and neck from the sun. / 10. Striped Bloomers by Billie Blooms, our go-to baby uniform for super hot climates. / 11. Strawberry Romper by Oeuf, so sweet and cozy your baby will live in this organic pima cotton romper all summer long. / 12. Baby Summer Salopette by Gray Label, made from the softest cotton ever, with 3 adjustable straps on the back. Looks cute paired with a t-shirt or without for super hot days. This is one of our favorite pieces this season. 13. Indigo Moon Moccs by Camper General, because soft sole shoes are better for growing healthy baby feet and these are naturally dyed by the sunshine.

Need more ideas? Check out our curated Organic Sunwear Shop to make thoughtful gifting easy peasy this holiday. Also, check out our Spring Style inspo for an instant outfit for your sunshine obsessed baby. 

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