DIY Baby Costume Ideas

We love playing dress up with our babes, so naturally, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And we are huge fans of the easy peasy DIY costume. Sure, you could spend loads of money on something store bought or on fabric to sew up an epic Harry Potter costume. But why not use your babe's current wardrobe as a jumping off point and hand-make something to complete the look? To inspire you, we put together some DIY costume ideas using our wardrobe as the inspiration. 

Bambi Costume: Bambi Hoodie, $156, pair with Red Earth Pants, $47, and tail by Hunting Faeries, $12.


Baby Bambi: Romper, $61, pair with hand-knit Bambi beanie by Oeuf, $56


Bear Costume: Nutmeg Sunsuit, $88, pair with Collar Tee, $34, Baby Bear Beanie, $28, and baby bear booties by Gap.



Unicorn Costume: Jumper, $62, pair with Unicorn Hat, $56, and DIY wand by Heartmade. 



Newborn Yoda Costume: Jumper, $102, pair with crochet newborn costume, $23+, Etsy 


Bunny Costume: Bunny Jumper, $56, pair with hand-knit bunny hat, $56.


Little Ms. Piggy Costume: Jumper, $88, paired with Collar Tee, $34, and crochet piggy hat and tail, $30+, Etsy.   


Burglar Costume: Jumper, $43 and beanie with DIY eye holes cut outpair with burlap money bag, $3.99, Etsy.  


Astronaut Costume: Jumpsuit, $38, pair with DIY paperback space helmet by Windy & Friends


Rabbit From A Hat Costume: Bunny Hat, $56, pair with top hat, $16.99, Spirit Halloween Store.


Pirate Costume: Pirate Top, $50, pair with baggy pants, $47, bib, and DIY felt eye patch. 

Love these looks? Take at our DIY costume ideas from last year too. Check them out here > 



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