Noble Artist Series: Best Bud Floral

As a San Diego based brand ourselves— we love uplifting local brands and businesses within our community.

Meet Kathleen Dore— owner and designer of Best Bud Floral— with her newly opened brick and mortar best known for her colorfully bold and whimsical arrangements. 

Today on the blog we join Kath in her new space rocking her fav Noble Utility Suit, of course.Kath wearing our Utility Suit in Chocolate.

When did you first fall in love with floral design? I fell in love with floral design when I started working as a floral apprentice at Native Poppy about 6 years ago, I had great teachers there who I am still very close with! I remember the day design clicked for me after months and months and all of the techniques and "rules" of floral design made sense. I like that there is structure and tradition and there's also space to buck it. Like most things I started off really um...bad at it but once I got better it became so fun. Do you have a favorite flower variety or color scheme that you tend to gravitate towards in your designs? COLOR. I love color, any color. In a world of beige— I am such an advocate for colorful flowers. I try to direct my clients to move in a more colorful and lively palette if I can. In my experience, no one is ever upset by the result when you go with what the florist recommends. The flowers I am drawn to change seasonally, but I am a diehard for reds and oranges right now especially dahlias and marigolds. 

Your very own brick & mortar shop just opened (yay!) How does it feel to now design in a space that's totally your own? It feels really good... like, really good. It's comfortable, it feels authentic to me and there's AC. I am very excited for things to come. What are you reading or listening to that has you feeling inspired as we enter the Fall season? Oh I am so excited for fall & winter, I absolutely love the holidays. Get ready for Christmas to become my personality come December. My music taste is kind of embarrassing but whatever LOL. I'm listening to a lot of Hootie and the Blowfish right now. I also watch TikTok instead of tv these days and I love Victoria Paris and her style. Her combinations are sometimes bonkers; the colors she picks, the styles she experiments with... I'm like huh? Then I see it come together and I get it. She makes a lot of decisions that feel like the opposite of what I would pick and I like that. I want to do more of that. 


PHOTOS BY: @nataliejoymitchell

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