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Article: Noble Babe @mothermeg

Noble Babe @mothermeg

Noble Babe @mothermeg

Meet our third #NobleBabe of the year, Meg Sanderson featuring her four babes Ryan (age 10), Jack (age 7), Henry (age 4) & new to the crew Sonny (6 weeks) rocking our Spring Waffles.


What does your day to day life look like with a full house?! My mornings usually start bright and early when our new baby, Sonny wakes up. We head downstairs to make some coffee + breakfast and wait for our older boys to come down. After they're up, I make them breakfast and then they start school. My husband leaves after everything is taken care of and settled. We typically eat lunch around noon and take an afternoon walk before dinner. Our boys play hockey and baseball outside after we eat until the sun goes down.

Your shop 'Millhouse Goods' focuses on secondhand pieces that have a timeless look and functionality, how did this project come to be? I've always loved thrifting and secondhand goods, so opening a shop has been a dream of mine for a long time. My close friend, Samantha came up with the idea after we had gone through our things and the rest is history! We now have a mix of new and vintage goods because it's all about the balance.

How have you managed to juggle three boys (with a newly born babe) while pursuing your own vision? Juggle is definitely the right word, ha! I try to set a couple goals each morning and do my best to get them done when I can. Some days laundry isn't touched and other days it's the dishes. My older boys help out so much and I absolutely couldn't do it without them!

What keeps you inspired day to day? The simple things usually inspire me the most. I've been trying to declutter our home for Spring because it really helps keep my mind clear and stay focused.

What’s your favorite corner of your home and why? Probably our dining room! It's where we gather for meals and spend quality time together.

Any home decor tips you can share for a beginner? Especially in a home raising energetic kids. One word, baskets! Also, cleaning out when you can to keep toys from overwhelming a room. Stay true to yourself and only buy / bring in what makes you happy.

How has your style changed over the years? It hasn't changed too much over the years. I started collecting vintage clothes when Jack (my middle) was a baby. My love for overalls, Levi's and thermals runs deep!

What do you love most about Noble's Waffle Jammies? I'm pretty particular when it comes to thermals because we've collected a lot of new and vintage over the years. Noble Carriage definitely gets the fit right and they always last forever! I've been able to pass them down as each boy grows out of them.

Follow Meg here at @mothermeg


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