How To: Waffle Mending w/ @mama_endo

We asked our friend Marlys Endo (@mama_endo) to demonstrate an easy and adorable way to patch up those beloved Waffle Jammies in you & your babe's drawers that have been worn very well.

Sustainability begins with all the right ethical practices, fabrics & eco-friendly materials but it can end with finding unique and thoughtful ways to preserve those garments in your home you already own and love. 

How To:

First you can begin by sewing up the hole or putting a patch behind it. This visible mending requires an embroidery thread and a needle with a decent sized eye.

Secondly, choose a design that will cover your mended hole. Shown above is a basic stitch-vertical for the mushroom cap and horizontal for the stem. For the spots within the mushroom, you can go horizontally over one of the red threads. 

 Lastly, end the thread by weaving it into the back a couple times and now your well worn waffles are brought back to life!

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