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Article: Noble x Casa OK

Noble x Casa OK

Noble x Casa OK

Meet Amy of Casa OK— an Artisan made home decor shop based in Mexico City. We had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Amy to photograph our SS24 Frutas Collection in and around her storefront. Our collection was inspired by our Founder's Mexican heritage & an authentic fruit stand.

So it feels natural to wrap up the Spring season with a special Noble x Casa OK collaboration launching this Thursday 6/6 @ 9am PST which will include artisanal pieces hand-picked by Amy herself which are 100% Mexican made.

Here's what to expect in this collection's exclusive launch:
  • Checkered Ashtray, Marble & Onyx 
  • Checkered Bowl, Marble & Onyx 
    Black/White, Pink/Brown, Green/White
  • Two-toned Beeswax Tapered Candles
    Black/White, Pink/Orange
  • S&P Marble Shakers
  • Large Hanging Basket

We chatted with Amy to share a little bit more about her story and CDMX-based brand and life in Mexico City: 

What's your favorite thing about living in Mexico City? In Mexico City, I think my favorite thing is that the city is full of secrets and unexpected surprises. Often, behind a gate or door, there is a hidden gem of some kind, whether it be art, architecture, or a restaurant. As for Mexico more broadly, it's hard for me to narrow it down to just one thing, but if I had to choose, I'd say the people. Strangers are generally kind to one another, laughter is often heard, and there's a genuinely kind spirit that's palpable in the air. 

Tell us about how your shop CASA OK came to be? Casa OK was sort of a happy accident. I moved to CDMX from NYC 6 years ago and have always been an inherently curious person with strong feelings about decor and design. After moving here, I started going on road trips to unexpected corners of the country, and before I knew it, my home was overflowing with a personal collection of artisan-made pieces. I couldn't wait to tell anyone who was willing to listen about the talented makers I met along the way and the traditions they're trying to preserve. From there, Casa OK was born.

You partner with local makers all over Mexico to create special pieces for your shop, what piece are you the most excited about in your shop right now? I partner with about 40 different families from 12 different states throughout Mexico, selling a mix of my own designs (produced by artisans) as well as a curated selection of artisans' designs. It's SO hard to pick a favorite child, but right now I'd have to say these green onyx mugs from the state of Puebla are high on the list of favs (don't tell my other "kids"). 

Does CASA OK influence any of your personal style? What keeps the inspiration flowing? I have a decent idea of who I am sartorially (thanks to working in fashion/retail for years), and I definitely see a direct correlation between how I dress and how I curate my store. Sometimes, customers even comment on the whole (aesthetic) package which can be best described as: a soothing, earthy color palette, maybe one bold print/pattern, and never too precious or fussy. Given the order of things, I think my personal style influenced the creative direction of Casa OK. As for keeping the inspiration flowing, I've recently learned that it's directly tied to my mood and stress levels. If I can free up some time/headspace for a walk or even sitting down with my collection of coffee table books, the ideas will just start pouring out. But without that free headspace, I find myself getting stuck in a rut.

Do you have a "must-do" list for those who are visiting CDMX for the first time? Favorite food spots, neighborhoods to explore, etc. Do I ever!? I love helping people discover Mexico City. It's MASSIVE and quite spread out, so there's truly something for everyone. I've created a full list (here), but here are some things I'd for sure do while here for the first time:
  • DRINK: Michelada w the tamarind goop-y goodness around the top (if you see it on the street, grab one) / I personally recommend going to the Sunday flea market, Lagunilla, and sipping on a michelada while walking around. If you're looking for a n/a bev, I LOVE sueros or at the flea market you can get a virgin piña colada (1/2 agua de coco + 1/2 jugo de piña).
  • EAT: Tacos, tacos & more tacos. Warning salsas are typically pretty hot (“pica”) at street taco stands, and also squeeze the lime on the meat before the salsa. I know getting street food may seem daunting, but I promise the best tacos (or food for that matter) exists in the streets, not in restaurants / I suggest trying El Vilsito (al pastor), El Tizoncito, El Maizajo, El Pescadito (baja-style fish tacos) & Tacos Richard & El Cariñito (fusion).
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: You'll hear from many that Roma & Condesa are a must (they are), but I suggest venturing out a bit. For first-timers, I suggest walking through Centro where the shop is (closer to Juarez), Santa Maria La Ribera, Escandon & Coyoacán.
  • ACTIVITIES: Lagunilla (Sunday flea market), Casa PRIM, Chapultepec Park, Lago Algo, Casa Luis Barragan, Casa Azul

Want to be notified as soon as this limited-time collection go live? Be sure to sign up for alerts! We're also hosting an exclusive giveaway for your chance to win $250 Noble shop credit, a one-of-a-kind Noble x Casa OK Frutas Picnic Blanket, Set of Napkins (4) and Picnic Basket. ENTER HERE >>

These pieces won't be restocked so be sure to set your alarms for this Thursday 6/6 @ 9am PST. 

Photos by @paulbarcena

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