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Article: 5 Reasons Why Pima Cotton Is Better Than Regular Ol' Cotton

5 Reasons Why Pima Cotton Is Better Than Regular Ol' Cotton

5 Reasons Why Pima Cotton Is Better Than Regular Ol' Cotton

Pima Cotton babyPICTURED: Oeuf Organic Pima Cotton one-piece + bunny hat with Indigo polka dots.  

Like coffee or fine wine, the quality of cotton can vary greatly. Between growing conditions, fiber quality, and environmental impact, Pima cotton stands above the rest.

What is Pima cotton? "Pima" is a generic term for extra-long staple cotton. Pima cotton from Peru is renowned for its softness, brilliant luster and strong staple, characteristics that classify it as a luxury fiber. Not only is it soft, but it has qualities that will actually help and not harm your baby's sensitive skin. Here are 5 reasons why Pima is the best cotton ever...

1. Exceptional Growing Conditions

Pima cotton is grown in northern coastal valleys of Peru, where the soil is rich and the plants are allowed to soak up the ideal amount of moisture and thrive at near-perfect equatorial temperatures.

2. Harvested with Care

Industrial harvesting, used on most cotton, breaks down cotton fibers with harsh chemicals and leaves scratchy impurities. Pima cotton is harvested by hand, which is better for the cotton and better for the environment. Win! Win! 

3. Lasting Durability

Pima cotton fibers are twice the length of ordinary cotton fibers, so it makes super soft and super durable clothing that holds it's shape wash after wash and makes heirloom-quality hand-me-downs. 

4. Safe for Sensitive Skin

Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic, resistant to pilling, and doesn’t produce lint-- a winning combo for your babe’s sensitive skin.

5. And Oh So Cozy

The fineness of the fibers means Pima cotton is extra absorbent and great at trapping heat, so it’s able to keep your baby warm and dry. 

So where can you find this magical Pima cotton we speak of? Well, good news for you, we have loads of it in our shop so your babe can rock Pima cotton on the daily and feel warm, cozy, and also look super chic. The only caveat, we don't have a matching bunny onesie for mom (but hey, a girl can dream!).




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