Spring Waffles with Taylor Jones & Seasonal Playlist

Next week on Thursday, March 17th @ 7am we're launching our new Spring Waffles colors! We collaborated with photographer Taylor Jones (@milknsage) to shoot our new colors on film in her home in Georgia with her kids Jett & Sage.

Jett wearing the Waffle Key Lime Tank Set, launching 3/15.

What is your favorite part of shooting film? Especially when it features you and your family throughout the work? "My passion for film is that you don’t know what you captured till you get it developed. You cant undo what you have done but only enjoy the art and moments in it."

Sage wearing the Waffle Creamsicle L/S Set, launching 3/15.

What are you looking forward to capturing through photography in 2022? "I'm looking to capturing more reality and life and the beauty of life with the goods and the bad and the normal things. The things we don't talk about much. Every moment of your life is a story, a piece of art and we should enjoy it all." 

Taylor wearing the Peanut Butter Waffle Adult Top & Bottom, launching 3/15.

What're you listening to, watching or reading that has inspired you lately? "Haha!  Kanye aka Ye . He has inspired me since a little girl and his true essence of not giving up and continue to go for your dreams no matter  who’s better than you or more popular than you in the moment. Stay focused, your time is coming."



The first day of Spring is right around the corner, so there's no better time to grab your Waffle Jammies and groove to this curated Spring-inspired playlist! Think of: sun shining, birds chirping & flowers blooming...


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