Waffle Jams: Slumber Party Edition

It's time to grab your favorite organic Waffle Jams and join the party! Whether you're throwing a sleepover for your little ones or your own group of friends, I think we can agree a comfy pair of pajamas makes everything more fun.


Pink Sea Salt One Piece Sleeper (shown above)

Start off by packing their fav colored Waffle Jammies, matching jammies are an added bonus to make the party extra special!

No matter what activities or projects you may have planned, a little music and dancing always takes the fun to the next level.

Cozy up in bed to wind down with a movie night displayed on the projector!


(Left to right) Lavender Waffle Top, Paprika Waffle, Elderberry Sweatshirt & Sweatpants

We believe you're never too old to have a good ole' fashion slumber party with your closest friends, which means coordinating your Waffle pj's of course. 

Stock up on snacks to pair with a tasty mocktail or glass of wine for a night in with trivia, karaoke or simply a calm night by the fire.

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